Photography is my passion: Pets, Sport, Events, Children & Family Portraits, Landscapes and Nature,


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Hi there,

If you hadn’t already guessed my name is Rachel Hume, I live in Kinloch, on the edges of Lake Taupo, New Zealand. With my husband, two sons and several fur kids.

Photography has long been my happy place, my passion which I turned into a business in 2018 

I have always been creative and had a love of photography from a young age. My interest in photography was first sparked by images my father had made. In particular, a black and white self-portrait.

I love how powerful a photograph can be. The emotion it can evoke and how that emotion can be different for each person that views your image. A moment in time, a memory, captured forever, that would otherwise be lost, forgotten!

I predominantly photograph pets and sport. If I am not doing a furtography session. I can most likely be found on the side-line of the rugby pitch or following the local hunt.  I love using natural light and like my images to feel relaxed and un-posed. I offer a fun, friendly and relaxed experience.

When I am not photographing pets and sport, I am indulging my creative side and producing images with a more artistic slant to be produced as art prints or cards. 

I get very excited when I think about how much my photography has grown and changed over the years and the endless possibilities of where it can go.


In 2019 I achieved Licentiate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (LPSNZ).
In 2023 I achieved Associate of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (APSNZ).

Rachel Hume Photography

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